Frodo - The free portable C64 emulator


Frodo has not been updated for quite a while because I've been working on other projects (GiNaC, Basilisk II, ...). However, I'm currently doing a complete rewrite of the code for Frodo V5. It will use an event-based emulation like UAE or VICE because the current line-based model has already been stretched beyond its feasibility. Also, the fantastic SDL will be used as the low-level graphics/sound/input library. If you have any special wishes for features you'd like to see in Frodo V5, don't hesitate to mail me.

NEW! Frodo V4.1b

This new source release fixes some compilation and sound problems under Linux and adds two significant improvements: Since the changes only affect Unix systems, there are no updated binary distributions. You can get the source of Frodo V4.1b here:

Frodo V2.4 for AmigaOS

Frodo V4.1 for BeOS/Unix/MacOS/AmigaOS/RiscOS/Windows/EPOC/...

Note: The following ports of Frodo have been contributed by other people, and most of them have not been tested by me. If you need support for one of these ports you should contact its respective maintainer.

Anonymous CVS access

To download the current version of the V4.x sources via CVS:

$ cvs -d login
(password is "anoncvs")
$ cvs -d checkout Frodo4
For Unix users, there is an script that creates the files necessary for building which are not in CVS.
A Web interface to the CVS repository is also available.


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